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Mail Carts for Every Operation

Beginning with mail carts in 1959, we have been designing and manufacturing mail center furniture and supplies for more than 40 years. Mail distribution carts are where we started and they continue to be our specialty.
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We now have four different sizes and 50 different styles of mail carts. Small mail carts for use in tight spaces or for quick deliveries and large mail carts that will hold 300+ mail stops for the largest corporate and government facilities. Some of our mail carts are designed to hold USPS plastic totes and mail bags. Because of our modular design different wire baskets and solid metal tubs can be interchanged with different wheels and casters to create the carts that are just right for your particular mail operation.

Over the years we have designed carts for warehouse order picking as well as outside operations in down town streets. Cart accessories include locking tops for security, hanging baskets for extra capacity, rubber bumpers to protect walls and desks from scratches and dents, plastic totes, and much more.

Industrial Strength Mail Carts

Constructed in welded solid steel sheets or heavy gauge steel wire our mail carts are designed for durability and longevity. The only time you will need to buy another mail cart is when your mailing operation expands and you need additional carts.




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