We offer mail room carts to meet almost any mail center need you might have.  Many of our manufacturers offer mail room carts with welded construction, adjustable bins, various wheel choices and protective rubber bumpers.  We have carts that meet today's growing security concerns and are HIPAA compliant.  Some of these carts have locking covers made of steel construction or heavy canvas. 


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A trend to make carts more attractive and still retain their durable construction is common.  Hamilton Sorter offers mail room carts that are constructed of the same materials used for their mail center furniture.  These carts come in various sizes and have height adjustments.  Another prominent manufacturer, Secure Mailing Systems, have carts in very attractive colors, large wheels for ease of movement and welded construction.


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Extra Long Solid Ergo Cart with 16" center tires

Medium Wire-Basket Cart With Air Tire Medium Distribution Bulk Mail Cart
Charnstrom Mail Carts - Extra Long steel cart with Ergo handlesCharnstrom medium cart for PendaflexCharnstrom mixed media with totes & Pendaflex

We also offer the complete line of mail room carts from Charnstrom.  Charnstrom mail room carts are available in four different sizes and 50 different styles. Small mail room carts for use in tight spaces or for quick deliveries and large mail room carts that will hold 300+ mail stops for the largest corporate and government facilities.  Some of the mail room carts are designed to hold USPS plastic totes and mail bags. Because of our modular design different wire baskets and solid metal tubs can be interchanged with different wheels and casters to create the carts that are just right for your particular mail operation.


We all know how expensive carts are to deliver so most Charnstrom carts are UPSable.  These are ready to go right out of the box.  Datamation Systems offers a 6% discount for all Charnstrom products listed in their catalog. 


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Secure Mailing Systems (SMS5) - full welded construction & ergonomic handles

Hamilton Sorter Delivery Cart


SMS Carts with Ergo Handles

Secure Mailing Systems (SMS) is the largest manufacturer of mail room furniture, messenger bags, mailing pouches and just about anything you could need for a mail center.  Their mail room carts are available with ergonomic features like angled handles, big rubber wheels (makes turning easier) and specialized bins.  All their mail room carts have welded construction, bumper guards and 5-year warranty.  What we really like is their fit and finish.  These carts, like the SMS 5 shown above are made to last and look great!  SMS can also make carts for specialized applications. 

With so many choices, why buy your next mail cart from Datamation Systems.  We have been providing mail center solutions for over 40 years.  We are one of the largest distributor of mail center furniture in the United States and have sold hundreds of carts.  We have the experience and resources for the right solution.

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